About Us


For over 50 years  this friendly and pleasant allotment has been flourishing with local residence who are keen on producing some amazing vegetables  and cut flowers .With a world of knowledge that they have build up over the years   this is  available for you as we share and offer any help you may need when growing vegetables   During these difficult times   the interests in growing your own food and allotments has been amazing and now so many people are becoming keen growers so if you want to come and enjoy our friendly atmosphere down at the Farm then get in touch and send us an email with your details

Allotments play a big part in community relations,  Alottmenteers from all nationalities  and age come to together and inspire each other with creative abilities to grow a variety of  vegetables.  Generations of families pass on the skills to their children who help to keep this wonderful knowledge of growing  from seeds  to vegetables and from the ground to the table  ready to eat .

One of our  plot holders is the   Aston Villa Foundation

The Aston Villa Foundation is a registered charity that delivers the community and social responsibility work of Aston Villa Football Club.


Working alongside key local and national stakeholders, the Foundation delivers projects, initiatives and provides opportunities to achieve its mission of ‘Working Together to Enrich Lives’.


The Foundation and its partners work with people from a variety of backgrounds in Birmingham as well as supporting the wider ‘Aston Villa family’ through several departments including schools, football in the community, disability, health and wellbeing, education, interventions and community relations.


The allotment will be used by all the departments and the Foundation will also encourage members of the local community to join in and take pride in where they live.


Builds a sense of community


Gets people active & improves physical health


Educates about gardening, nature & cooking